Warped and Wonderful!

– – If you enjoy the unexpectedly weird, you might like Regular Show, an offbeat cartoon on The Cartoon Network about a blue jay called Mordecai and a hyperactive raccoon named Rigby who work as groundskeepers at a large park, spending much of their time and effort avoiding work and seeking to entertain themselves.  They are essentially slacker-type twenty-somethings bossed by a living gumball machine who have a Yeti coworker.

In spite of these and other surreal characters, the Regular Show while bizarre is a kid’s animated series written for adults, and it works!

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One Comment on “Warped and Wonderful!”

  1. carycomic Says:

    Give me the original JONNY QUEST anyday. Now, _there_ was an animated cartoon for adults!*

    *I’m sure you’d love the poetically just ending of “Shadow of the Condor.” ;-D


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