“Sing 2” Superior to Original

Kid’s movies are a great source for furry characters, and so when I was able to stream Sing 2 in the privacy of my own home, no one was any the wiser, and I was all over it! Now Sing was a good movie, but Sing 2 fits into that rare category of movie sequels that are better than their originals…

To simplify a movie with actually fairly complex story arcs, koala producer Buster Moon takes his small town cast to the big city where he must negotiate through a hard-core wolf producer, Jimmy Crystal, which he does by claiming affiliation with a long-unseen rock legend, Clay Calloway, a grizzled and grief-stricken lion voiced by U-2’s Bono who’s been mourning his late lioness wife Ruby for over 15 years…

Well, the rock-legend is finally coaxed on board, and his star power helps launch Buster Moon’s space musical, Out Of This World. All of the original movie’s characters return, and a few new ones are introduced as well, including Nooshy,a knockout of a break-dancing lynx, and Porsha, the daughter of the big-city wolf producer, who’s a teenaged ditz but utterly fearless, and full of performing potential…

(Notice the detail. Porsha is wearing a Clay Calloway shirt!)

Well, Out Of This World gets produced, and it’s pretty spectacular in its song and dance scenes. The starship evens bears a passing resemblance to one of Starfleet issue, with warp nacelles visible. The movie imparts some underlying themes such as dealing with loss, and holding onto your dreams. With major stars performing the voiceovers and songs you’re sure to recognize, Sing 2 is well worth a look for fans of anthropomorphic animals…two paws up! 🦊

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One Comment on ““Sing 2” Superior to Original”

  1. carycomic Says:

    Almost sounds like a “March Madness” score, doesn’t it?

    “SING 2, PERFECT 10!”

    Liked by 1 person

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