“Godzilla vs. Kong” Satisfies…

I have at long last been able to see the much-touted Godzilla vs. Kong movie, crown jewel in the MonsterVerse series. While the film is overly-long and leaves many unanswered questions, it’s still a good guilty pleasure for Kaiju fans.

Now it takes over forty minutes for our combatants to finally meet in a neon-lit Hong Kong, which thoughtfully has Titan Shelters (so labeled) present for the safety of its human inhabitants. The dang Titans run amok every so often, and wouldn’t it be great if Titans were the only problem faced by humanity? They would constitute an external, readily-identifiable enemy.

Now Kong in the movie receives much of the initial film time, even taking a waterfall shower to the strains of a 50’s doo-wop hit. He’s being kept in a containment environment, but knows that it’s fake. When Godzilla begins attacking shipping and otherwise behaving badly, Kong is transported via air and sea to protect the mainland, and then it’s match on. Kong and Godzilla have an ancient rivalry and generally bad blood towards one another, you see. Kong is also recruited to fight for humanity by being shown “Hollow Earth,” a vast environment within the Earth where he’s led to believe he may find others like himself. The notion of Hollow Earth should really delight and get fringe conspiracy and pseudo-science adherents buzzing.

So Kong and Godzilla fight in Hong Kong, and I won’t detail that outcome so as not to spoil the spectacle for those who have yet to see the film. I will say that Mechagodzilla enters into it prominently, however, and that he’s become sentient, gone rogue, and is infused with the mojo of King Ghidora through one of his three decapitated heads, and despises Godzilla for having killed him in a previous film. Understandably, this could ruin your entire day. It all gets rather complicated, but suffice it to say that Mechagodzilla here is an impressive creation, his red eyes glowing like a gigantic Terminator endoskeleton. When Godzilla and Mechagodzilla go at one another head to head, it’s like seeing a Jedi vs. Sith light saber battle on a epic scale, so pull up a chair for this one…

So by all means, indulge yourself in Godzilla vs. Kong, which at times is oddly satisfying and a great guy film! No one else needs to know that you saw it. Perhaps in a future film, the absence of the other Titans from this one will be explained. I could do with a good Mothra epic, after all. Until then, satisfy yourself with Mechagodzilla… 🦊

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3 Comments on ““Godzilla vs. Kong” Satisfies…”

  1. carycomic Says:

    Well, considering how successful it was at the box office (despite the COVID pandemic). you might still get your wish. After all, look how long it took Marvel Films to get to AVENGERS: END GAME!

    11 whole years…which is only two years longer than Toho Studios’ Showa-era run of daikaiju flicks lasted, following the original KING KONG VS. GODZILLA.

    As for Hollow Earth theory? Surprisingly serious belief in that goes back to way before Jules Verne wrote “Journey To The Center of the Earth.” And it remained believed in by the time Robert Sharpe Shaver started making references to it in all his Depression-era books about the “Deros.”

    Supposedly short for “detrimental robots,” these were supposedly the emotionally cold and totally sadistic descendants of an ancient race of beings. But, what their ultimate plan was remains a mystery to this day.

    As Sharpe stopped hearing their “telepathic whisperings” around the same time World War II broke out.

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    • vulpesffb Says:

      I think that even someone as brilliant as Tesla claimed telepathic-type contacts with extraterrestrials. If you want the brilliance, a touch of madness apparently comes with it…

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