Liberty Mutual’s “Unique Business” Commercial…

Well, this certainly is a unique business, alrighty…one which in the Liberty Mutual commercial sells wet teddy bears.  It’s modeled on the cart hotdog vendor stands which you undoubtedly have seen almost everywhere, only this one isn’t selling hotdogs but rather, yep, wet teddy bears! 

Can you even imagine a demand for such?  The concept is both bizarre and somewhat horrifying.  What exactly does one do with a wet teddy bear?  The hotdog vendor stand setting suggests that in some fashion the teddy might be consumed, and that’s too horrible to entertain the notion.  People usually want to hug or seek comfort and security from a teddy bear, objectives which are diminished by the object being sopping wet.  Yet wet they certainly are, as the vendor demonstrates by pulling one from a bin on the cart, holding it aloft with tongs to demonstrate its wetness, and then plopping it with a flourish on a plate for a waiting customer, who thought he was buying a hotdog.  Well, it certainly wasn’t that guy’s day!  Get away from this vendor, guy, no, run away, and fast!  Something’s terribly wrong here…

The apparent theme of the commercial is that not everyone wants the same thing, and Liberty Mutual allows you to customize to get and pay for just what you want.  It’s hard to imagine any demand, however, for a wet teddy bear, which seems a perversion of their nature.  To each their own, however, while this concept certainly isn’t one for me.  This wet teddy bear stand seems headed for financial ruin, even if it is what its owner wants.  Perhaps a mobile psychotherapist might be more in order…


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6 Comments on “Liberty Mutual’s “Unique Business” Commercial…”

  1. carycomic Says:

    In the immortal words of Charlie Brown: “That’s it!”

    He (the vendor) can become one of those avant-garde artists…and make mobiles (half-sculpture/half-chandelier) out of wet teddy bears

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    • vulpesffb Says:

      To keep,them wet, I imagine regular spritzing from a water bottle would be necessary. The vendor also guaranteed that his teddies were wet, or the next one would be on him!

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      • carycomic Says:

        If he wants the water on him, he should stand next to Cell Phone Guy. 😉

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        • vulpesffb Says:

          As Lord Vader might say, “I find his lack of dry teddy bears…disturbing.”

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          • carycomic Says:

            Speaking of anthropomorphic animals: it was recently brought to my attention that March 22 was the 20th anniversary of the passing of animated cartoon pioneer, William Hanna. While his long-time partner, Joe Barbera, would have been 110 years old as of yesterday (March 24)!

            So, I would like to offer their surviving friends and relatives my heart-felt blessings for all the pleasant childhood memories I have of Saturday mornings in front of the TV screen. Courtesy of these two brilliant (and criminally underrated) gentlemen!

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