McDonald’s “Fillet-o’-Fish” Returns…

Our McDonald’s Fillet-o’-Fish commercial begins on an icy boat in some frozen fishing waters where a crewman is playing a familiar theme on a recorder. Suddenly the ship’s radar signals an approaching image, which turns out not to be a school of fish but a yellow submarine!  Surfacing, out from the yellow submarine pops not the Beatles but a Jacque Cousteau look-alike, who is holding a tray heaped with Filet-o’-Fish sandwiches.  The commercial even throws in one of those aggravating Billy Bass-type mounted electronic fish novelty items from a few years back, who is pleased to sing you the McDonald’s Filet-o’-Fish song, and leave it to rattle around maddeningly inside your head while you beg it in vain to stop…

…and why is McDonald’s bringing back Filet-o’-Fish advertising now?  Well, they sell 40% of their fish sandwiches each year during the Lenten season, and the Golden Arches are just fishin’ while the fishing is good.  And I’ll bet that some of you owned a singing Billy Bass fish on a plaque, or knew someone who did.  The ones I most encountered sang Take Me To The River, which memory is already playing inside my head…good song, but make it stop!  

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4 Comments on “McDonald’s “Fillet-o’-Fish” Returns…”

  1. carycomic Says:

    The only time I used to order a fillet o’fish sandwich was on Good Friday. They weren’t bad…so long as I told the McDonald’s staff (enough times so they wouldn’t “forget”) to substitute mayonnaise for the tartar sauce. Which, btw, puts too much emphasis on the “tart!”

    This year, on Ash Wednesday, I let myself be persuaded to try their 2 FoF’s for $5 bucks “deal.” And, as usual, I told them I wanted mayo instead of tartar sauce. But, evidently, the cashier “forgot” to pass that info along. As a result, I wound up having to throw out BOTH sandwiches!

    Because the tartar sauce remains just as tart as ever.

    Next year, this same time, I just order French fries as the main course at McDonald’s on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday. It’ll be less expensive…in more ways than one.


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