“The Masked Singer,” American Edition…

Aha, I just knew that we were going to be able to sneak some compelling furry images and characters onto mainstream television soon, and with The Masked Singer on Fox (- -how appropriate!), our time may have finally come in 2019!


Now for those of you not in the know, The Masked Singer is a new reality show (for the U.S., anyways) in which celebrity contestants perform and compete entirely clad in costume head-to-toe, concealing their identity. Most often those costumes are of animals, monsters, or other fantastic life forms with the contestant’s group of twelve including among others a unicorn, a deer, a hippo, a French poodle, a pineapple-man, a lion, and my personal fave, a rabbit! For the first night, six contestants competed on a paired basis, with the lesser voted contestant of each match-up relegated to the bottom three, and the weakest of that group unmasked and sent home. Victors in the matches included a Peacock winning over a Hippo, a Unicorn beating a “Monster,” and a Lion defeating a Deer. The Hippo, a real-life football athlete, ranked lowest and was sent home.


The show kind of blends American Idol with The Gong Show by way of a furry convention. Some of the costumes are elaborate and impressive, and dependent on their individual gifts and the bulk of their outfit some of the contestants incorporate a little choreography into their stage presentations. All of the contestants are supposedly well-known figures in music, comedy, or athletics, and the identity of each will ultimately be revealed as the weaning-out process continues. Popular in Asia and originating in South Korea, the American version of The Masked Singer is certainly different, even if it’s not for everyone…

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6 Comments on ““The Masked Singer,” American Edition…”

  1. carycomic Says:

    Personally, I don’t watch “American Idol” and never will. Nor have I ever watched any revival of TGS that didn’t have hands-on involvement by (the now late, great) Chuck Barris. So, I don’t think I’ll be slavishly devoting myself to this latest lack-of-reality show.*

    *Bitter sarcasm intended….and all too well-deserved.

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    • vulpesffb Says:

      I respect what you’re saying, but I found “Peacock’s” rendition of “The Greatest Show” energizing and electric, and probably would have been dancing in the aisles had I been with the studio audience. I’m not avian, but this bird really dazzled with effective use of their trademark showy feathers and the accompanying choreography. It was a polished performance by a master showman…this bird soars!

      “Lion’s” performance of “California Dreaming” was also a show-stopper, almost a transcendental experience. The powerful and expressive voice emanating from that bejeweled lioness reminds us of why they’re “The King of Beasts.’ It was a stunning sight and sound experience from “Her Majesty.” –She rules!

      I was only disappointed that we didn’t get to see all twelve performers in this episode, and am especially looking forward to seeing “The Rabbit,” who is no flopsy bunny but appears potentially terrifying. I do, of course, live for stuff like this…


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