“The Closet” Progressive Insurance Commercial…

We all know that monsters prefer to reside either in the closet or under the beds in our bedrooms.  Tapping into this childhood fear, a boy summons his parents during the night, afraid that there are monsters in his bedroom.  The parents  dutifully appear, assuring their son that there are no such monsters, and that Progressive Insurance, not monsters, are keeping watch over them 24/7.  Dad then says goodnight and exits before the boy can ask other questions.

“Flo” then appears out of the boy’s closet where she’s been checking the wiring, clad as always in her spotless white uniform…now that’s scary!  Also appearing then from under the bed is a wonderful horned and hairy monster who in well-spoken and literate terms expresses concerns over the boy, wondering aloud if something wasn’t going on at school that was making his charge not quite himself…he’s just not engaging!  

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have your own private guardian monster?  Just the thing to turn loose on telemarketing agents and religious, fund-raising, or political solicitors who come unwanted to your door!  I want one for Xmas…and Happy Friday the 13th, buwahahaha!

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5 Comments on ““The Closet” Progressive Insurance Commercial…”

  1. carycomic Says:

    Thanks to Obamacare, I now have enough insurance coverage to go camping at Crystal Lake, this weekend!


  2. carycomic Says:

    Case in point: I just watched a re-run of BRIDES OF DRACULA (Hammer Films, 1960) on TCM. In it, a Dracula protege’ named Baron Meinster seduces a French tutor named Marianne Daniel into agreeing to marry him. He then tells the Langs (the husband-and-wife headmasters of a Romanian girls’ school his family financially supports) what a beautiful campus they’ve established “for such a _low_ rent.”

    English translation: if Dr. Van Helsing hadn’t ultimately succeeded in slaying him, the baron was going to _raise_ their rent!

    Making him a blood-sucker, twice over.


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