The Trump Rat…


What’s orange, inflatable, fifteen feet tall, and full of hot air? – – Why, the Trump Rat, of course!  Now, Donald Trump has been depicted as a variety of anthropomorphic animals, including a rooster.  The Trump Rat, however, shows uncommon attention to detail.  In addition to the trademark hair, there’s also the pursed lips, the red tie, and in a whimsical touch, Confederate-flag cuff links!  

The Trump Rat was positioned a short distance from Trump Tower when The Donald retreated to New York, and has become a popular site for tourist selfies.  Its creator was supposedly inspired by a particularly revolting rat that he spotted in New York City some time ago. The windbag is supposedly poised to travel to other locations, at times shadowing Trump himself.  

I would hasten to add that normally rodent-human hybrids have a proud and respectable heritage, with Mickey Mouse, The Secret of NIMH rats, and Fivel of An American Tail but several examples that come to mind…

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3 Comments on “The Trump Rat…”

  1. carycomic Says:

    Evidently, you’ve never seen DEADLY EYES. A 1980’s Canadian offering about wharf rats that fed on steroid-laced cattle grain and, of course, grew to the size of opposums! Although, to be fair, urban legend has it that those rats were really dachsunds…wearing faux-fox skins.


    • vulpesffb Says:

      Nope, I’ve never seen that, although it sounds like a fun viewing! The rat flicks “Willard” and “Ben” were also memorable. In one of his short story collections, Stephen King had a tale about rats in the sewer, one of which was described as having grown to the size of a calf!


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