Dragons vs. The Frozen Dead!


Noteworthy:  It was Dragons vs. Zombies  on a recent episode of the HBO series Game of Thrones.  Just when things were looking hopeless for virtuous character Jon Snow and his small band of seasoned fighters under siege by thousands of White Walkers (kind of like frozen dead), it was three great dragons to the rescue, spewing flames and causing the walking dead to combust merrily, a rout and a slaughter.  This is the kind of spectacle that makes for great television, about as good as it gets…

…but wait!  Things take a twist when the demonic leader of the White Walkers is able to peg a lance into one dragon, slaying it and later resurrecting it as a kind of zombie ice dragon ready to do his bidding.  The series finale of Game of Thrones should be truly epic…

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6 Comments on “Dragons vs. The Frozen Dead!”

  1. carycomic Says:

    I believe D&D players refer to such a creature as a “dracolich.” Consult your nearest MONSTERS MANUAL to be sure.


  2. carycomic Says:

    P.S.—yesterday would have been the 100th (!) birthday of Jack Kirby. Born Jacob Kurtzenberg, in New York City, on August 28, 1917, the man who would become “King” Kirby would enter the employ of Timely Comics circa 1940. Creating, in collaboration with Joe Kirby, the literally iconic Captain America. Twenty years later, would come the Fantastic Four. Followed, in the early 1970’s at DC, by the universe of “The Fourth World” (planets Apokolips and New Genesis, to be precise).

    Sadly, Google completely neglected to create a doodle in his honor. Philistines!


  3. carycomic Says:

    Crap! I was so PO’d at Google that I misspelled the last name of Jack’s best-known partner…Joe SIMON!


  4. carycomic Says:

    OK! One more thing; this coming Sept. 23 would also have been the 100th birthday of cartoon voice-over legend June Foray. I just learned that she passed away, back in July, as the result of ill-health stemming from a bad car accident two years ago. All those who loved her FTA’s (funny talking animals)–from Rocky the Flying Squirrel onward–should flood Google with demands for a doodle in _her_ honor!

    It’d go a long way toward undoing your oversight, G!


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