Puppy Monkey Baby…

Some things nature never intended, and even the mad Dr. Moreau created by H.G. Wells would have shied away from.  The PuppyMonkeyBaby created by Mountain Dew and first airing on Super Bowl 50 is one such thing…

…a CGI mishmash creation, the bizarre/disturbing/hilarious creature melds the head of a pug dog with the body and tail of a monkey and the lower extremities of a human infant.  In the commercial, it enters with the advertised product, dances into the presence of three guys watching television, licks the face of one of them, and dances off again, all the while repeating its own name.  This is to promote Mountain Dew’s Jumpstart, a mix of the drink, juice, and caffeine.

People tend to either love or hate PuppyMonkeyBaby, which may cross the line between cute and horrifying. Perhaps it could be worked into an episode of the X-Files or Mountain Monsters (they probably couldn’t catch it). In the current American presidential election year, the strange and the outrageous have become rather commonplace,however…

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2 Comments on “Puppy Monkey Baby…”

  1. carycomic Says:

    I am definitely–and shamelessly–one of the haters. That was one PUGlY BABY MONKEY!


    • vulpesffb Says:

      Seldom do I find things so repellant, yet oddly fascinating at the same time; it’s like looking at a mummy. There’s something about the way that it repetitively chants its own name while moving to a captivating rhythm all of its own. When it licks the one guy’s face, it’s affectionate yet horrifying at the same time. This is the stuff of madness.

      I think that PuppyMonkeyBaby shows potential as a bioweapon. It just may be what’s needed to stop Donald Trump…


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