Gumby & Pokey “Honda Days” Commercial…


Gumby and his equine sidekick, Pokey, are again going through a renaissance of sorts, with revivals planned in some child television venues by the end of the year, and a Honda commercial currently airing the duo, who are shown rappeling down the dashboard of a Civic and marveling at its features.  The little green clay guy has held up well over the years, and is as agile and chipper as always. Despite having hooves, Pokey can descend a rope surprisingly well.

Other “Honda Days” spots feature additional classic characters from days gone by, including “Skeletor” from the “Masters of the Universe” series, complete with attitude…

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3 Comments on “Gumby & Pokey “Honda Days” Commercial…”

  1. carycomic Says:

    Call me “Old School.” But, I prefer the original version of Skeletor (as voiced by the inimitable Alan Oppenheimer) from the 1980’s Filmation cartoon series. As for the car commercial? I was rather disappointed they didn’t use their matter-phasing abilities to enter the literary universe of that Honda car’s manual!


    • carycomic Says:

      For those who are too young to remember: Gumby and Pokey had the ability to phase through the covers of giant-sized books and interact with the characters, therein. For instance; entering into a non-fiction biography of George Washington would allow them to participate in the Xmas Eve crossing of the Delaware River!


      • vulpesffb Says:

        One of the original shape-shifters! I’d say that this morph-master was way ahead of his time. He needed Pokey, however, to keep him grounded…


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