Gecko’ s “Really Literal” Genie…


Two women begin this Geico commercial eating outside with the usual conversation about how spending 15 minutes with Geico can save you 15% on your car insurance.  “Everyone knows that!,” dismisses one woman.  “Well, did you know that some genies can be really literal?,” retorts the other.

Cut to a mock-sitcom called, “Genie and Me,” complete with laugh track.  A man is unpacking boxes, and comes upon a brass lamp, which he polishes. — Poof!  A genie appears, who has a wonderfully disaffected, almost bored expression.  His master is granted a wish, and greedily if predictably wishes for a million bucks.  The genie gestures, and the house and grounds are suddenly populated with a million bucks…the four-legged, antlered variety!  Be careful what you wish for, as it is said…

…there are other “Genie and Me” episodes available for viewing, all in the style of a 1950’s – 1960’s sitcom, complete with hokey humor.  In one, the mother of the genie’ s master mistakes the magical lamp for a gravy boat.  “Good gravy!,” comments the genie, who is wonderful to watch.  It’s fake television, but still better tongue-in-cheek viewing than much of the drek actually airing on the tube…Ray, Genie! 



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2 Comments on “Gecko’ s “Really Literal” Genie…”

  1. carycomic Says:

    YES! For once, I saw a commercial before you even posted the synopsis, here. 🙂

    As for the commercial, itself? I’ll admit it’s cute and clever. But, it’s hardly original. The same gag was done in the 1960’s…as part of one of the Three Stooges animated cartoons done by Cambria Studios!

    Curly-Joe DeRita wishes for a million bucks. So, what happens? The genie’s magic causes him, Moe, and Larry to get run over by a humongous herd of deer (white dust cloud, and all)! Moe chides him for it, of course. To which Curly-Joe replies:

    “Hey, wait! I only counted 999, 999 bucks.”

    Causing the one millionth deer to run over them, as well.:lol:


    • vulpesffb Says:

      While one can get tired of them rather quickly, the Three Stooges were classic and underrated, with some great absurdist stuff as well as the physical comedy. I think I liked the Geico “Genie and Me” stuff for its retro flavor, as it seemed to remind viewers of earlier, more innocent comedy they had seen even while they actually hadn’t seen this exact scenario…and I loved the Indian genie!


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