Ted, the Movie…

– – Imagine your favorite plush childhood companion coming to life and maturing with you into adulthood, and you have the premise for Ted, a live action/CG movie written, directed, and produced by Seth MacFarlane of Family Guy fame.  Ted the bear is voiced by MacFarlane himself, and sounds much like his Peter Griffin character would sound like if reincarnated as a teddy bear.  Ted, however, is both outrageous and foul-mouthed; this is not a movie for the kiddies!  Ted is rated “R” for language and content.

Problems arise when the 35-year-old bear owner played by Mark Wahlberg becomes serious with his girlfriend, causing the man to have to wrestle with the consequences of his childhood wish as the bear refuses to leave his side.  The trash-talking furry is coming from Universal Pictures June 29th…

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3 Comments on “Ted, the Movie…”

  1. carycomic Says:

    Sounds like a male-centric remake of that Phoebe Cates flop about the imaginary playmate: GET BACK, JACK (or something like that).


    • carycomic Says:

      Okay! So, I looked it up and It was called DROP DEAD, FRED. Maybe GET BACK, JACK can be the title of a made-for-DVD sequel, co-starring Kevin Bacon.


      • vulpesffb Says:

        I remember “Drop Dead Fred” from years ago; I don’t think it did especially well at the box office. “Ted” should do better…


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