Dorito-Bribing Dog…

 – – As a member of a species sometimes referred to as “the feline canine,” I don’t take violence towards felines lightly, and always have divided loyalties on questions of cats and dogs.  Dog on cat violence assumed a more humorous bent, however, in the Super Bowl Doritos commercial in which a man discovers that his dog might be responsible for the disappearance of Fluffy, a missing cat.  The dog, deciding that he might be ratted out, decides to bribe his human witness with some Doritos, extending a hush note with spelling at least as good as half of that readily observable on the internet.  I’m sure it’s not the first time that bribes have bought silence…

The Doritos commercial was actually the number one rated ad for this year’s Super Bowl according to TIVo, and it featured Huff, a Great Dane hailing from Virginia Beach.  The consumer-created commercial which reportedly cost only $20 to produce won its originator a cool $1 million prize…Woof!

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2 Comments on “Dorito-Bribing Dog…”

  1. carycomic Says:

    I was basically ambivalent regarding _all_ the ads. In fact, if there had been 25 of them, and I was asked which one I had liked the best? I would have put “Z.”

    As in; none of Z-above.


    • vulpesffb Says:

      I myself have little interest in football, but am inclined to tune in to the Super Bowl to see the much-touted ads as well as the halftime show…


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