Carnival Cruise Commercial With Wildlife!

 – – “Ah, so much better than last year!,” muses a contented passenger on a Carnival Cruise ship as he and his companion look over the railing of a ship at sea.  Next we are shown a flashback to last year’s vacation, where at a camp site the same man is shown screaming behind the wheel of a car, his passenger also screaming on her side of the vehicle as a bear and a mountain lion both on their hind legs paw at the vehicle. 

“Throw the food out the window!,” screams the man in fear and desperation as the bear roars.  Unfortunately, we’re never shown the outcome of the encounter.   Then we return to the cruise ship, where the woman takes a bite of a treat and swears, “Never again!”   It’s all part of Carnival’s “land versus sea” campaign extolling the virtues and pleasures of sea travel vacations…

…in my twisted little mind, however, I can rewrite the ending of this commercial with an anthropomorphic bear and lion standing along the cruise ship railing, having financed the trip with the proceeds of their profitable campground takeover!

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2 Comments on “Carnival Cruise Commercial With Wildlife!”

  1. carycomic Says:

    They’re probably in cahoots with those sweet-toothed sharks from the Reese’s candy commercials.


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