Divine Burgers?

 – – At a restaurant aptly named Hamburger Mary’s in Tampa, Florida, an image of the Virgin Mary has been reported on a stainless steel wall near the kitchen.  Remarkably, the diner has been known for gay karaoke nights and drag queen shows. 

The mark of a superior being or saint has likewise been seen in a Walmart receipt, cheese sandwiches, candle wax, Cheetos, rocks, overturned trees, walls, pizza pans, and even on a fish stick!   Some of these items have been offered for sale on internet auction sites.  Verily, the Lord moves in mysterious ways…

The perception of religious imagery in natural phenomena is sometimes called simulacra, and studies have shown that even visual perceptions can be affected by wishes, preferences, and desires.  The human mind prefers to perceive patterns, especially the pattern of a human face, in otherwise random phenomena.  Perception of an image is additionally mediated or filtered through culture, politics, and worldview…

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3 Comments on “Divine Burgers?”

  1. Karl Marx appeared to me in the mayonnaise on a fillet of fish at McDonalds, and ever since I have worked towards the overthrow of our corporate overlords


  2. carycomic Says:

    I’m reminded of a now-classic episode of THE ODD COUPLE series, where Felix and Oscar were visited by Brother Ralph (ad executive-turned-Catholic monk), who quipped:

    “The Lord moves in mysterious ways. Why not through hamburger?”


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