Red Bull’s Zebra Commercial…

 – – Red Bull commercials generally impart the concept that by drinking Red Bull, the consumer acquires superhuman strength and abilities that allow him or her to perform an extraordinary feat.  One such commercial puts a furry twist on this theme by introducing a female zebra who is depicted having an unfortunate encounter with an alligator after she first applies lipstick and then downs a can of Red Bull.

Things do not look good for our fashionable zebra when she goes for a splash in a nearby river and is assaulted by an opportunistic alligator who goes into his death roll with her, a usual finishing move.  We assume the worst when the combatants disappear below the water surface, but fortified by Red Bull our heroine emerges a moment later, sporting…a new alligator purse!

Red Bull, you see, gives you wings…and females are considerably tougher than they look as well!

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5 Comments on “Red Bull’s Zebra Commercial…”

  1. carycomic Says:

    Admittedly cute. But, zoogeographically implausible. Unless, of course, the “shebra” in question is an American-born resident of one of those Floridian safari parks.


  2. carycomic Says:

    What about Skunk Ape/feral chimp hybrids?*

    *Something else I once wildly hypothesized.


  3. carycomic Says:





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