Rampant Rodentia!

– – He ain’t cute, cuddly, or good-looking.  It’s not even a great fursuit.  But you gotta love this guy, and these commercials!

It’s the d-Con Dinner Guest or “Get Out” commercial series, featuring an uninvited guest of the rodent persuasion as he gets into homes where he’s simply not wanted.  In one episode, this life-size, scruffy-looking mouse is confronted by the female homeowner, who sneers,  “You disgust me!”  to our hero.  He’s not shaken; “Prove it!,” he counters in a deadpan monotone.

Maybe you wouldn’t want this guy in your house either, but I’d have him in for coffee and a Danish…he’s refreshing, furry, and a wonderful antihero!- -What a great counter to the usual cutesy mice we see!- –Bravo!!!- –As Soupy Sales would have had it, “Let’s all do the Mouse!”

– -Two paws up for this world-weary, unflappable rodent!

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5 Comments on “Rampant Rodentia!”

  1. carycomic Says:

    I give two paws down! He reminds me too much of those ANIMAL HOUSE knock-offs from the 1970’s.


  2. carycomic Says:

    _How_ do you like him?

    Raw, rare, medium, or well-done?


  3. carycomic Says:

    Neither is SURVIVOR or any of its other ilk. They’re half-gameshow/half-soap opera. Nothing more; nothing less!

    The 6PM TV news? That’s a reality show! The only legit one on television.


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