Supersize that Rodent?

– – Where some see only a hog-sized jungle rodent, others see economic opportunity…or perhaps a sandwich!

Bolivia is planning to export dried meat of the capybara, the world’s largest edible rodent, to Venezuela.  The capybara regularly grows to 145 pounds, and grazes on the banks of rivers and lakes.  It is a shy, short-haired creature with a blunt snouth and no tail that is widely consumed in Venezuela.

Plans to export the meat of between 200 to 500 capybara a year from Bolivia to Venezuela are considered environmentally sustainable, but the meat must sell for $4.45 a pound to be profitable…

Foxes do eat rodents, but this one’s out of my size range, thank you very much…

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3 Comments on “Supersize that Rodent?”

  1. carycomic Says:

    Just so long as they don’t try to breed _live_ ones, here. We got enough problems with those feral pythons in Florida, and the feral nutrias in Louisiana!

  2. carycomic Says:

    I seriously don’t see that happening. Kudzu?

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