Jack Nicholson’s “Wolf”

wolf-“Inside every man there are two people–one good, one beast.”

Did ‘Ya Catch This One Department: Jack Nicholson has done horror flicks, including Little Shop of Horrors and The Shining (– -Here’s Johnny!). Nicholson is such an awesome actor that even his stranger and less memorable performances are worth watching, and Wolf is no exception.  In the vintage 1994 flick, Nicholson plays a publishing executive whose life begins to change after he’s bitten by a wolf.  First his mood changes, then his sense of hearing and smell go into overdrive; then there’s the problem of Nicholson’s character leaping around in the neighborhood at night killing deer and other animals with his teeth (…don’t you hate it when that happens?).

While we’ve seen better special effects and aspects of the performances seem curiously detached, the psychological aspects of Nicholson’s transformation make this movie a kick, with his character finding himself more energized and more competitive than ever, plus possessed of amazingly heightened senses; ” ’tis a consummation devoutly to be wished.” While rejected by Nicholson’s usual fans for its horror content as well as by some horror fans, Wolf is thoughtful horror that has more brains than blood…this Wolf, while flawed,  is no dog!

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2 Comments on “Jack Nicholson’s “Wolf””

  1. carycomic Says:

    It’s definitely one of my Top Ten favorite werewolf-movies.*

    *See under “Dogman of Wisconsin.”


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