Pop Tarts…

Pam Anderson— Pamela Anderson has made a series of anti-fur, anti-leather spots for PETA. Only trouble is, they are a bit too…err, hot to be posted in New York City airports, or for that matter, aired on television.  In some, she is wearing less than in the posted image (not that there’s anything wrong with leafy vegetables)!

The rejection of these images comes as a bit of a surprise to Ms. Anderson, who as you can see, has little to hide.  True to her campaign, Ms. Anderson isn’t wearing any fur, either…nope, definitely no fur being worn here, furolks…our staff has gone over these pictures carefully, ahem!

…I just love tributes to vegetarianism, don’t you?–Well, Pam’s heart is in the right place…and so, I might add, is everything else…

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One Comment on “Pop Tarts…”

  1. carycomic Says:

    Veteran Las Vegas funnyman Rip Taylor once quipped: “Who’s the Father of Prostitution? ‘Pop’ Tart.”


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