“Ghosts” On CBS…

From the ghost of Hamlet’s father to the Kirby’s on Topper, ghosts have always been compelling presences in entertainment. Now it seems that we are soon to be haunted by such spirits on Ghosts, a comedy coming to CBS appropriately enough in October.

Now Ghosts is adapted from a hit BBC series, and ghosts are no strangers to the British or their entertainment. The series Being Human was also translated to an Americanized version, with the characters including a vampire, a werewolf, and a ghost. Ghosts will focus just on haunts, however, as a comic series and not as a paranormal “in search of“ endeavor.

The ghosts in question here inhabit a large Victorian estate recently inherited by a couple, Jay (Utkarsh Ambudkar), and Samantha (Rose McIver), who intend to convert the property into a bed and breakfast. When Samantha has a near-death experience, she acquires the ability to see and interact with the multitude of spirits who haunt her property.

And what a diverse crew these spirits are! One is a scoutmaster who wanders about with an arrow through his neck, another is a Viking explorer, a third a 60’s hippie, a fourth a militiaman, plus a prohibition-era lounge singer, and so forth. A number of the spirits have a certain unique power that can manifest itself in the world of the living; the Viking, for example, can cause electrical fixtures to sputter, while another can telekinetically move small objects.

There’s a touch of Beetlejuice here, but the ghosts are far more vulnerable, and have roommate issues. It hurts them when the living walk through them, plus in so doing we smell flatulent to them. It’s no piece of cake being deceased but earth-bound and not having been “passed on,” which is an aww moment.

So you may want to catch Ghosts, premiering on CBS October 7th. It could be a fun way to kick off the Halloween season… 🦊

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5 Comments on ““Ghosts” On CBS…”

  1. carycomic Says:

    In light of recent scandalous revelations, I can’t help wondering if the scout master with the arrow shirt was killed for trying to be naughty-naughty with one of his underage troop members.

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    • vulpesffb Says:

      My scoutmaster threatened to take away my merit badges if I talked, so I know nothing… 😸

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      • carycomic Says:

        Sehr gut, Feldwebel Schultz. 😉


        • carycomic Says:

          OK! I binge-watched the first three episodes via CBS On Demand. Not bad! Although the 1950’s biker guy (who evidently got decapitated in a motorcycle accident) seems to have been written out of the series, post-pilot. And, since he didn’t get sucked away by the proverbial Heavenly Light (a la Samantha’s great-aunt), I have to assume he’s gotten lost elsewhere in Woodstone Manor, looking for his head.

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          • vulpesffb Says:

            I think that “Ghosts” will do well on the general network as a light, horror-comedy; we haven’t really had one for ages. Remember “Topper” about the ghostly Kirbys and their alcoholic St. Bernard? There was also a ghost character on the show “Being Human,” but that show had probably too strong a horror influence for many, plus the female ghost was less compelling (for me, at least) than the vampire and werewolf characters.

            And how about the ghosts in the basement who died there from cholera or some such epidemic? They seem less mobile than the above-floor spirits, and unable to leave the cellar. Still, they seem helpful to the living on occasion when they’re down there, and are not bad sorts…


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