The Dog Girl of Tamaulipas…

Security cameras are everywhere now, and have captured images of everything from criminal activity to cryptic animals to supposed ghosts and aliens. One such video captured disturbing images of what appeared to be a naked girl ambulating on all fours with remarkable speed and agility. Stories and attempted explanations for the “dog girl” have spun off from there.

Now the Dog Girl (Nina Perra) was first filmed in Tamaulipas, Mexico in 2009, but reports of her appearing more recently have since surfaced. She’d now be about 25 years old. Video footage is brief, filmed at a distance, and blurry but still memorably creepy. I mean, this naked humanoid doesn’t stagger awkwardly for a short distance on all fours, but moves rapidly and fluidly. She’s done this before, and is good at it.

Internet remarks on the footage are diverse and snide, with some contending that the person depicted is on meth while others calling the images that of a wendigo. According to one report, the security cameras are in place in case the person “escapes.” A more scholarly explanation offers that the figure depicted may have a medical condition called Uner Tan syndrome, which prevents a person from walking normally in an upright position on two legs. The parent of the individual by this account protectively keeps them out of sight to avoid mockery and derision. This explanation does not account for the individual pictured being apparently naked. In addition, most people with the condition are not able to move quickly or smoothly.

So there you have it; another questionable urban myth. It’s unclear whether the video images have been subject to manipulation. All that I can say is that I’ve personally gone bipedal as that better permits me to pass unnoticed among you… 🦊

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3 Comments on “The Dog Girl of Tamaulipas…”

  1. carycomic Says:

    Looks like a clear case of clinical lycanthropy (the delusion one is a werewolf).

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