The Feline Furries of Star Trek…


There are furries in the Star Trek universe, cat-people who were introduced with the character of  M’Ress in Star Trek:  The Animated Series in the 1970’s.  A lieutenant and operations officer, she was a felinoid-type alien of the Caitian species modeled after African lions, and included originally with the cast to make the series more friendly and attractive to young children.  While the artwork is stylized and somewhat minimal, it established the species well, and M’Ress remains a most attractive and intriguing lady, even if she does have a habit of purring or murring after every few lines of dialogue…

Caitians have also appeared briefly a handful of other times in the Star Trek universe, at times depicted with more feline characteristics than others.  In Star Trek IV:  The Voyage Home, two Caitian males, completely fur-covered, were depicted as members of the Federation Council.   This depiction of the species is far more formidable, almost with a Klingon-type vibe.  One imagines that these cats could play rough…

In Star Trek:  Into Darkness, a young James T. Kirk was depicted romping in bed with two females generally regarded to be Caitians who had bare skin(?), but prominent moving tails.  I don’t know if these Caitians practiced full body shaving, represented a hybrid, or if it was just considered too disturbing to represent human-furry sex on the big screen.  Kirk, of course, is legendary for having had intimate relations with any number of female aliens, and a discussion of his libido and sexual conquests would consume far more space than we have here… 

In Star Trek:  Online, Caitians are playable characters, and I personally  like their more serious depiction.  The majesty and power of felines really shines through here, and I’d be proud to serve on board with any of them…


In a new upcoming animated series to debut in August 2020 titled Star Trek:  Lower Decks, we will again see a Caitian in the person of Dr. T’Ana, ship’s physician to one of the least important vessels in Starfleet, the USS Cerritos.  I’ve heard her described as Dr. Pulaski in feline form.  Lower Decks is billed as an adult comedy, although it will supposedly still deal with some serious science fiction themes and issues.  Detailing the exploits of junior support officers on the Cerritos, the series will debut in August 2020 on the CBS All-Access network…


So there you have it…a species depicted in different ways, from ‘toonish to sex-kitten, to impressive and formidable.  You can choose your preferred incarnation, I suppose, and I eagerly anticipate further expansion of the species in future developments of the Star Trek universe…


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5 Comments on “The Feline Furries of Star Trek…”

  1. carycomic Says:

    There could be multiple ethnic groups of Caitians, in the STAR TREK universe, just as in the STAR WARS universe there are multiple ethnic groups of Cathars (a leonine race with a propensity for Force-sensitive members becoming Jedi).

    In fact, in one episode of the animated Filmation spin-off of STAR TREK: TOS, there was another felinoid race introduced. One loosely based on the works of Harlan Ellison (if I recall correctly). The war-like Kzinti!

    Kzinti vs. Caitian. Who would win the ultimate catfight?

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  2. carycomic Says:

    Btw: I owe you an apology. I didn’t recall, correctly!

    The Kzinti are the brain-children of Larry Niven (from his “Known Space” novels).

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    • vulpesffb Says:

      There were also three anthropomorphic species of cats on the “Dr. Who” series; the Cheetah People, Catkind, and the Leonians.

      Catkind (my favorites) gave birth to what appeared to be the kittens of domestic house cats, but even then they had the power of speech.- -Wouldn’t that be a kick! 😺

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