KitKat’s Halloween Commercial…

KitKat has memorable Halloween commercials, such as a previous one featuring a cat with bat wings. In this year’s atmospheric offering, a Jack-O’-Lantern scares the woman who just carved him by shouting, “Boo!” and then laughing. The woman, momentarily startled, is wearing cat ears. That’s right, furries, she might be one of us! I think I’m feeling a connection here…

Anyways, the lady has done a hideous job in carving the poor pumpkin, and apologizes to him for what she’s done to his face, featuring a crooked grin and disproportionately sized eyes; Ray Charles could have done a better job. This is a mellow orange fellow, however, and he’s not bothered by her lack of pumpkin prowess, even accommodatingly offering her a KitKat right out of his mouth! The woman accepts and promptly eats the proffered treat, a contented look on her face. All is right in the strange world of talking pumpkins, which I’d take any day over the current reality in the news.

So have a KitKat…breaks are good! Chocolate…is there anything it can’t make better?! – – And the woman with cat ears? – – She wears them well!

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3 Comments on “KitKat’s Halloween Commercial…”

  1. carycomic Says:

    Yeah! Weight loss!*

    Okay; being serious now. I admit it’s a cute commercial. Seasonably appropriate, too. But, the first Kit-Kat commercial I remember was the one featuring the cute high school baton twirler (and certain others) singing “Gimme a break! Gimme a break! Break me off a piece of that bar.”

    I’ve not been able to resist a baton-twirling girl in uniform ever since. 😉

    *According to those busybody health nuts on the late night infomercials, anyway.

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    • carycomic Says:

      Drat! Got so distracted by the memory, I omitted the brand name.

      That should’ve read “Break me off a piece of that KIT-KAT BAR!”

      One has to emphasize the product placement properly, you know. 😉


  2. I was just wondering who the lady in Cat ears in the commercial is – My wife says she’s seen her on SaturdayNight Live- but, she reminds me of Caitlin McGee, on Bluff City Law. Or, maybe she’s just a lady in Cat ears?


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