The C, the C, the Open C on “The Terror”


Watching a late episode of The Terror series is somewhat like regarding a mummy; there are things here that are distinctly unpleasant to see, but not only can’t you not look away, but you keep on going back for more!  As someone who is also reading Dan Simmons’ novel as they watch the series, you might even say that I’m double-dipping, a true misery porn junkie.  This is depressing and disturbing stuff, but I can’t stop returning to it because it’s so well done!

As people with an understanding of what actually happened to the historical Franklin Expedition, we know what the characters do not know as the story unfolds, namely that they are all doomed and that this doesn’t end well for them, regardless of what they do.  When faced with extreme and desperate conditions, we are shown the polarities of how people can respond to dire circumstances in the now separate camps of Captain Crozier versus the mutinous and psychopathic rebel leader, Hickey.  Crozier has become elevated as the series has progressed, whereas Hickey has gravitated towards the bestial.  Whereas Crozier has remained a civilized man and become almost a spiritual leader, for Hickey cannibalism is now literally on the table.

We say goodbye to Commander Fitzjames in this episode, his condition deteriorating rapidly and an assisted suicide conducted by Crozier.  Captive in Hickey’s camp and witness to a murder, surgeon Goodsir (pictured) is forced to butcher the body for consumption lest Hickey kill another for failure to comply.  And Ice Master Blankey, already minus a lower leg from a previous confrontation with Tuunbaq, goes out solo in a suicidal mission against the creature to buy his compatriots some time.  Ingeniously, the guy wraps himself in forks so as to make the monster’s job less easy, and perhaps enact revenge from within should he be ingested…the guy’s going down, but you gotta love his spirit!

Betrayed by a double agent in his own camp, Crozier is captured by Hickey’s men, with the final outcome to this and other hanging issues to find resolution in episode 10, the last of the season.


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4 Comments on “The C, the C, the Open C on “The Terror””

  1. carycomic Says:

    I think it ends with either a carrier pigeon, or a bottle being thrown into an open hole in the ice. One of them bearing a message that says:

    “Watch the skies. You, reading this, keep looking. Everywhere! Keep watching the skies!”

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    • carycomic Says:

      P.S.—let’s see how many angry Millenials respond, sincerely believing this to be a genuine spoiler. ;-D


  2. carycomic Says:

    Btw: if there was any on-location shooting done for this mini-series, I have to wonder if there are any out-takes containing shots of Vulpes lagopus?*

    * “Arctic fox” to you and me.

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    • vulpesffb Says:

      My cousin! I don’t remember seeing him in the mini-series, although the novel mentions efforts by the crews to hunt him. They were poor hunters, unlike the Inuits.


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