Hail, Caesar Salad!




— Don’t you just hate it when this happens to you?  You order soup at a restaurant, but get the Caesar salad instead, complete with Julius Caesar?!  

In a recent Geico commercial, we are treated to this very scene at a serene and nice looking Italian restaurant.  Four dinners are about to enjoy their repast, but there stands Julius Caesar on the table, complete in period costume. He’s a right proper Shakespearean, too, complete with passionate oratory about how cowards die many times before their deaths, but the valiant only taste of death once.

“Waiter, I ordered the soup!,” complains a proper-looking sweet old lady to the staff.  The waiter apologizes profusely, and then guides Caesar from the table.  I don’t blame the older lady for complaining.  I wouldn’t want Caesar’s sandal-clad foot near my salad either.–  Hygiene, please, how about it?!

So Caesar is led off, a fish out of water, or salad as the case may be.  This time his conversation centers about getting his parking ticket validated.  And as for valor, we foxes know that discretion is the greater part of it…

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3 Comments on “Hail, Caesar Salad!”

  1. carycomic Says:

    Very slyly put. 😉


    • vulpesffb Says:

      Slyness…just one of the services I offer here at no additional charge! It’s expected from those of my kind, ‘ya know…


      • carycomic Says:

        Shameless cross-plug: Hallmark’s favorite two TV channels will be showing a special the weekend of the Titanic Twosome (the tail-end of March Madness in college basketball). It will be featuring pre-recorded videos of kittens playing with a ping-pong-sized nerf ball, painted to resemble a basketball, in what is being called (get ready, now)…

        …the “Meow Madness” Championship!


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