Honda Pioneer 1000 “It Exists” Ad…


 The Honda commercial begins with a breathtaking, pristine mountain wilderness. Then we hear the narrating voice of a young male, and see who we think the speaker is, moving along briskly in a Honda off-road vehicle…

“At first I thought I was just seeing things,” the youth relates. “But no, it was out there. Something was definitely out there. Whatever it is, it was big…and at one point I swear, we got so close that I could smell it.”

The scene then changes to…surprise!…a family of Bigfoot individuals, two adults and a juvenile who has been our narrator all along. With hand gestures and facial expressions, the juvenile Bigfoot continues; “But then, poof! It was gone!”

“Right,” says Bigfoot Dad with obvious sarcastic skepticism. The Bigfoot parents clearly don’t believe in such nonsense any more than many humans believe in Bigfoot. – – What has junior been smoking?!  It’s all a neat reversal, and these Bigfoot are not just grunting brutes. Turn-about, so they say, is fair play…

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2 Comments on “Honda Pioneer 1000 “It Exists” Ad…”

  1. carycomic Says:

    Reminds me of the one about the five-inch fish.

    “I was swimming along, minding my own business, when I suddenly saw the most beautiful worm in the world! But, the moment I bit it, there was this sharp pain in my mouth…and I got dragged into a blinding white light. When I could see again, I saw this big ugly monster looking at me!”

    “He had two eyes in the front of his head; a mouth full of square white teeth; and something in between them that looked like an iceberg with two holes in the bottom of it! Then, he measured me; frowned; and muttered something about throwing me back. And, here I am!”

    To which his school-mates replied: “Yeah, right, How much pure oxygen you been snorting?”


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