Geico “Peter Pan” Commercial…


By almost anyone’s standard, Peter Pan was rather a strange little dude.  His was a case of arrested development in that he was perpetually a fresh-faced boy who never aged beyond later childhood.  He hung out with a fairy called “Tinkerbelle,” was leader of a group of “lost boys,” and even boasted powers of flight.  As if that didn’t appear to violate laws of man and nature, Peter Pan’s mortal enemy was a pirate captain whose one hand had been lost to a crocodile and replaced with a hook.

You can imagine that the appearance of such a sprite at a reunion of the Class of 1965 would be likely to prove interesting, and a study in contrasts.  So it does in a recent Geico commercial where the forever young Peter Pan tells his classmates that they don’t look a day over 70, and hovers above the gathering, providing entertainment by singing the Sinatra standard, “You Make Me Feel So Young.”

What would make the commercial complete would be if the iconic Progressive insurance agent “Flo” appeared in the role of “Wendy,” the young mother-surrogate to Peter and the “Lost Boys.”  That would make the surreal commercial become even stranger fast as she tried to nag Peter to return to “Neverland,” perhaps appearing as “Tinkerbelle” as well…

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8 Comments on “Geico “Peter Pan” Commercial…”

  1. DOes this boy really sing or who is it?


    • carycomic Says:

      It definitely ain’t Frank Sinatra, Junior! 😆


      • carycomic Says:

        Now, me? I’d like to see a spot for T-Mobile modeled after the original CHARLIE’S ANGELS series. With Jan (the Toyota sales girl) and Lily (the computer sales girl) as Flo’s fellow Angels. And, Carly Foulkes (she of the great legs and candy-striped sun dresses) as their version of Bosley!*

        *They’d probably have to hire Rich Little to imitate John Forsythe’s voice.


    • carycomic Says:

      I think it’s the little Chinese girl from the 2008 Olympiad Opening Day ceremony. 😉


  2. carycomic Says:

    Not many people know this. But, Pete’s tribute to Old Blue Eyes’ 100th birthday was followed by his re-arrangement of an old Xmas classic.

    “Oh, how the bells (sweet Tinker-bells)
    All seem to say ‘Throw cares away…’ “


    • vulpesffb Says:

      I do believe you’re on a run here, or a tear, or whatever! And for a limited time, Peter’s special holiday album, “Xmas in Neverland,” is available, featuring such classics as “You’re A Mean One,” Captain Hook,” and “I Saw Santa Kissing Tinker Belle.” Order today, because while Peter my never get old, this offer is limited…our operators are waiting to assist you!


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