Maaco “Uh-Oh” Deer Commercial…



It’s every motorist’s worst nightmare…an after-dark close encounter with a deer!  As the driver successfully brakes to a full halt just short of a front end impact and rejoices in his luck at avoiding this close call, the buck cops an attitude, and lowers his impressive rack to deliberately scratch up the dude’s bumper.  Yes, Bambi Bumps Bumper might be a subtitle…

…Uh oh!  Better get Maaco (auto body repair, that is)!  The out-takes on this commercial, viewable on Utube and elsewhere, are hilarious.  In one, you can see the head of the human posed in front of the car bumper to manipulate the phony deer head and antlers that you see in the close-ups…

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6 Comments on “Maaco “Uh-Oh” Deer Commercial…”

  1. carycomic Says:

    Oh, Deer! More vehicular passing-the-buck?


  2. vulpesffb Says:

    That was an impressive run, Sir!


  3. David 39T Says:

    I don’t laugh at the TV.. I laugh at my wife when she laughs at the tv.. I lost it when I saw this. “geicoesque”


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