The John Keel Files Special…


Many of us are familiar to at least a degree with the Mothman saga, and the S3/Ep09 2015 installment of Monsters and Mysteries in America spent the full episode on Mothman, emphasizing the investigative role of pioneering paranormal journalist John Keel. Now Keel was on assignment from Playboy magazine to look into UFO’s, and together with area reporter Mary Hyre looked into the hundreds of Mothman sightings that occurred up and down the Ohio River within only two months of time, especially within the area of Point Pleasant, West Virginia.

…now Mothman is described as standing about seven feet tall, and resembling a cross between a man and an alien with wings. A number of sightings had occurred in the so-called TNT area, where old abandoned bunkers had stored explosives during the World War II era. The most intensive time of sightings occurred between November of 1966 and December of 1967, but Mothman was actually just the headliner in what was actually a cluster of paranormal events. In addition to Mothman, lights were seen in the skies, the presence of which attracted dogs which were later found slaughtered and drained of blood. Cattle mutilations were also reported, and a bloodmobile was supposedly attacked at night by a UFO which gripped it in mechanical arms until the presence of other car lights drove it off. Point Pleasant also saw an influx of “Men in Black,” those dark-clad, sunglasses-wearing figures that some see as government operatives while others regard as aliens. MIB’s supposedly tried to intimidate key investigators, including Mary Hyre and her niece. John Keel was contacted by various unknown entities over the phone even after he had left Point Pleasant, and he had the impression that some of them could foretell the future.

The convergence of all of these strange events seemed to be building towards something dire, and sure enough the Silver Bridge collapsed on December 15th, 1967 during rush hour, killing 46 people in the worst bridge collapse in U.S. history. Mothman was said to have flown over the bridge prior to its collapse…

…new sightings of Mothman and related encounters are said to continue, with a reported frequency of one perhaps every month or two. One man interviewed had seen the Mothman while a child in his parent’s car, and he returned to the area to experience another encounter as an adult, when he saw a black figure emerge out of what was described as a shimmering curtain. The gentleman involved speculated that perhaps Mothman was a Thunderbird, some kind of ancient being, or perhaps a multidimensional creature.

Well, everyone’s got to believe in something. I believe I’ll have a diet Coke…

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5 Comments on “The John Keel Files Special…”

  1. carycomic Says:

    This is just further proof that real life can be weirder than any big-budget Hollywood movie. My only complaint with the docu-drama that starred Richard Gere is that it was set in the 1990’s (the decade it came out in theaters), rather than in the Sixties (when the actual events occurred).

    By the way; welcome home. How was Florida? 😉


    • vulpesffb Says:

      Movies when based on real life events often selectively distort or omit facts for dramatic effect, but I found the full array of events far stranger and more awesome!

      And Florida, I fear, was just one of my many fantasy vacations…but a fox can dream, can’t he? ; )


  2. carycomic Says:

    OK! I just saw the re-run via ON DEMAND. And, I saw in the ending credits that the background researcher was a woman named Joanne Taylor.

    Well, Ms. Taylor should have researched her math a little better.

    If reporter Mary Ayres died in 1970, and the Silver Bridge tragically collapsed in Dec. 1967, then the period of time in between is far, far longer than 13 months. More like 25!

    Of course, maybe it’s not her fault, at all. Maybe the programming executives of MMIA decided to “fudge the facts” in order to “enhance” the episode. If so, that’s proof that producers of so-called “reality” shows can be more unscrupulous than movie studio moguls.


  3. carycomic Says:

    One last postscript:

    I apologize to any next-of-kin of Mary Hyre for my misspelling. But, as someone who always got a poor grade on my high school term papers due to poor organization of facts, I’m sure you can understand it if I hold so-called professionals to doing a much better job of same!


    • vulpesffb Says:

      I feel better now, as I feared I had misspelled her name! Such info is usually flashed on the screen only momentarily, which is why I prefer to record and view these episodes later so I can pause and repeat at such times. You deserve credit and full absolution for even trying for accuracy!


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