Bigfoot of Lincoln County on “Mountain Monsters”


The reality show “Mountain Monsters” is back for a new season, and regretably none of the principal characters appears to have gotten a haircut or had dental work done. In the S3/Ep04 installment, the hillbilly-styled hunters went in pursuit of a hellhound that had eluded them in a previous season only to acquire as a bonus a Bigfoot clone as well…

Now the hunt was on in Lincoln County, West Virginia where a farmer named “Jay” reported seeing a canid creature that stood about 4′ high at the shoulder and weighed in at about 500 lbs.  A second farmer, “John,” saw the creature and produced a trail camera picture that showed the tail and head of a rather long creature shown in profile, putting to rest speculation that the hellhound was a bear.  More interesting was the fact that the farmer also claimed to have seen a Bigfoot-type creature standing seven to eight feet tall and peering into his window one night.  It was speculated that perhaps the Bigfoot creature was associating with the hellhound, in the same fashion that a human hunter might run a dog!

Well, expert trap maker Willy and tracker “Wild Bill” built a trap in the cornfield of farmer John, with netting inside of it intended to slow the hellhound and spring the trap.  During the final night’s hunt, both hellhound and BIgfoot prints were found, and amidst a confusion of yelling, bad lighting, and poor camera angles team leader “Trapper” was knocked down, presumably by the crafty hellhound.  The passage of something moving through the cornfield could be seen which caused movement of the corn stalks over an area.  More dramatically, team member “Willy” was at that point supposedly grabbed by the shoulder and dragged about 30 yards, presumably by the Bigfoot.  

Racing in chaotic and noisy pursuit of whatever had manhandled one of their members, the team came upon a clearing where they found an inverted 20′ tree rammed into the ground and surrounded by a number of rock piles.  The team questioned whether this discovery was of a navigational aide or perhaps had ceremonial significance to the Bigfoot.  With a great deal of oaths and expletives, the team declared their intent to further pursue Bigfoot wherever the trail might lead them…

…Will the AIMS team ever catch a Bigfoot? – – And wouldn’t you like to knock around with a hellhound? The answers to these and other perplexing questions await us…

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4 Comments on “Bigfoot of Lincoln County on “Mountain Monsters””

  1. carycomic Says:

    I just heard on the radio that someone’s built a 42 foot-long surfboard that will set a new Guinness Book world record by holding 62 people, out in California!

    Should be quite the smorgasbord for the local great whites. 😉


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