“Liquid Fence” Animal Repellent Commercial

liquid fence– – We who have gardens know that unwanted animals can invade your territory, and lay waste to the fruits of your labors.  For that reason, animal repellents are commonly used, both of the home variety and those commercially made.  In a commercial aired by Liquid Fence, they take a rather idyllic-looking yard and divide it neatly in two, protecting part of it with bars of soap, scarecrows, shiny things, an ugly fence, ninjas, and “a Pomeranian (dog) who only works the day shift.”  The other half of the yard is protected by Liquid Fence.- – Guess which half of the yard most effectively repels the unwanted wildlife?- -You guessed it!

So if you don’t want the dwatted wabbits getting at your tender vegetation, you now know what to do.  I’ll be in the yard portion infested by the wabbits, mesmerized by the shiny things…

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2 Comments on ““Liquid Fence” Animal Repellent Commercial”

  1. carycomic Says:

    I recently read a Wikipedia article that says a lot of farmers in India coat their garden fences with ground ghost chili (“bhoot jokia”) to repel elephants and other herbivorous “galoots.” Ghost chili being the second hottest pepper in the world!


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