The Gecko Meets The Vikings!

vikings– – In a recent Geico commercial, the company spokes-gecko travels back to the ninth century to book passage on a viking longship and comment on the difficulty of mobile phone communications in that time period. The viking-era ship forges through a nasty storm at sea, its stalwart oarsmen keeping pace with the thudding drumbeat provided to synchronize their efforts. As the gecko traverses the water-soaked deck of the viking vessel, the absurd juxtaposition somehow works!

The spot cross-promotes Geico with the new History Channel series, Vikings. Well-written and acted, the Vikings show is worthy of your attention for its characterization and attention to detail. There’s death, decapitation, spirited combat, and political scheming…and talk about tough! One viking wife beats off two would-be rapists with a sword, while another on a raiding party dispatches her lusty assailant with a dagger! Defending English warriors are outclassed by the Vikings after a hard day’s raiding, and they seem to relish the workout. Vikings is a gritty and unflinching show about some of history’s toughest warriors, so pass the mead, and let us feast!

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2 Comments on “The Gecko Meets The Vikings!”

  1. carycomic Says:

    I wonder if the Iong ship’s captain asked him what he had in his wallet? 😉


    • vulpesffb Says:

      Some questions are never meant to be answered. In my strange imagination, I’ve always fantasized being asked that, and extracting from my wallet some kind of small but nasty and carnivorous alien parasite to be flung at the questioner…


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