Encounter in Provo Canyon…

– – Another Bigfoot sighting has been submitted from Utah’s Provo Canyon where two hikers saw from a safe distance on Sunday what they initially believed to have been a black bear; they stood there for some time fumbling with their camera before getting it to work.  When the “bear” suddenly stood and stared directly at them, the hikers fled from the massive animal through the woods, abandoning their camping gear and heading to their car.  The camera continued to run during their flight, with images unclear from that point but revealing something moving upright with massive arms (pictured)…

Now neither of the hikers were Bigfoot believers prior to the incident, and do not appear to be acting; they are not terribly vocal.  They describe what they saw simply as a huge animal that they were positive wasn’t a bear.  The reactions of the observers appear natural and unscripted, and the “blobsquatch” images, such as they are, are rather compelling…

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2 Comments on “Encounter in Provo Canyon…”

  1. carycomic Says:

    Utah’s Green River is one of the tributaries of the Arkansas River. Could some proto-squatches have followed it upstream before reaching Provo Canyon?


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