Cheetos “Bank Robbery” Commercial…

– – Chester Cheetah for “Cheetos” is one cool feline, almost unflappable.–Oh, I know, he can mess with people’s heads at times, but that’s part of his appeal, and he can put it to good use!  In a recent commercial, he’s working as a teller at a bank with a human, and they’re on their lunch break, which we all know is sacred, me time.- -Well, some robbers are stupid and inconsiderate enough to hit the bank at that time, so they more than deserve the disrespect that they receive from Chester, who repels the thugs by firing rubber bands at them!    On your way!,” Chester admonishes one robber as a rubber band stings the lout…

…some people are actually opposed to some of the newer Chester Cheetah commercials as they feel that they encourage bad behavior, but Chester has been with us since 1986, and I don’t look to see him going away anytime soon.  He is, after all, dangerously cheesy…

(Update:  This ad is only being aired on television, and is not available online.  Bank robbery victims are protesting the ad, and asking Frito-Lay to take it off the air.  A spokesperson for the company has said that they do not have any plans to stop running the spot, but that it is being looked into…)

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2 Comments on “Cheetos “Bank Robbery” Commercial…”

  1. carycomic Says:

    Actually, he kind of reminds me of Cool Cat, a beatnik tiger (voiced by Larry “F TROOP” Storch) who was like a WB counterpart/predecessor of the Pink Panther.


    • vulpesffb Says:

      I’m glad that Larry Storch found other work after “F Troop;” remember the “Larry Storch School of Acting” joked about on some other show?–I wish we had more beatnik tigers around, anyways! They set a mark that I aspire to…


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