Sir Can-A-Lot…

– – I, for one, don’t like to discover foreign materials when I open an egg carton, and so I find it vaguely disquieting to ponder the notion of discovering a small armored knight occupying an egg compartment when one such container is opened in a Spam commercial.- -Does his rather surreal presence represent a new stage in chicken evolution?- -Do the other uncracked eggs also contain tiny armor-clad warriors, representing some kind of miniscule medieval army? –And if so, do they intend to take over and occupy my kitchen, perhaps as a prelude to an assault on my neighborhood?  One must worry about such things in this age of terrorism.–Should I seize this anachronistic warrior, and test his mettle by attempting to squeeze him to death?  Or do I hurl him down the sink garbage disposal, and hit the “on” switch?  Perhaps I should cast him into the microwave, and see if he sparks!  The legendary kitchen battle of the housewife against the title characters in the movie Gremlins comes to mind…

Actually, the character is Sir Can-A-Lot, and he has been created as a mascot for Spam in celebration of the 75th anniversary of the Hormel product.  He is here to “…rescue the world from routine meals,” and help rid you not from tiny dragons, but mealtime boredom.  Just don’t look to see him competing in Full Metal Jousting anytime soon…

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2 Comments on “Sir Can-A-Lot…”

  1. carycomic Says:


    “This message brought to you by Disabled Veterans of the Psychic Wars.”


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