DirecTV’s “Stop Taking In Stray Animals!”

– – A series of DirecTV commercials shows us the consequences of making bad decisions in a chain of events fashion reminiscent of Laura Numeroff’s 1985 children’s classic,  If You Give A Mouse A Cookie.  It seems that if you pay too much for cable, you throw things.  If you throw things, people think that you have anger issues.  When people think that you have anger issues, your schedule clears up.  When your schedule clears up, you grow a scraggly beard.  When you grow a scraggly beard, you start taking in stray animals; and when you take in stray animals, you can’t stop taking in stray animals!  

In this half a minute gem, we are shown each step in this downwards spiral, winding up with our unfortunate man at home looking cheerfully demented with unkempt hair and beard, clad in his robe and slippers and surrounded by numerous stray dogs and cats and even a raccoon and opossum!   We are told that one may break out of this bleak cycle and stop taking in stray animals by getting rid of cable, and subscribing to DirecTV…

Aspects of this commercial are funny and I take it in the spirit in which it was intended, but the problems of animal collecting and hoarding are real as are the problems of homeless, neglected, and abused pets.  The commercial might also be criticized for potentially ridiculing those who have taken in stray animals, a practice which is far from objectionable if done responsibly and in full awareness and acceptance of the commitment involved…  

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4 Comments on “DirecTV’s “Stop Taking In Stray Animals!””

  1. carycomic Says:

    The Bride of Punkenstein probably got the dog collar for her kid from this guy.


    • vulpesffb Says:

      Don’t have a grandson with a dog collar…unless, of course, they are furry!


      • carycomic Says:

        The dog collar…or the grandson?


        • vulpesffb Says:

          I was quoting at first from the commercial, but grandsons who are furry are welcome into the fandom, whereas collars are optional. The collars, if worn, are much preferred if they are cruelty-free, that is to say, synthetic. The collar itself may also have synthetic fur on it, dependent on the wishes of the wearer…guess that covers all of the bases! 😉


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