Verizon’s Gator Rasslin’…

 – – Multi-tasking may be carried a tad too far in a new Verizon commercial where we encounter a Crocodile Dundee wannabe rasslin’ with a 14-foot alligator while simultaneously using his trusty Verizon service phone to place a winning bid on a 1979 Dukes of Hazzard airbrushed lunchbox with a thermos!  Does the lunchbox have Daisy Duke and/or the General Lee on it?- -We’re kept hanging…

There’s water and mud aplenty in the Louisiana swamp in this commercial which spoofs the popular History Channel reality show, Swamp People…and some have criticized the commercial for depicting and trivializing what they consider inhumane practices.

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2 Comments on “Verizon’s Gator Rasslin’…”

  1. carycomic Says:

    I think the same thing could be more legitimately be said of the series, itself. It’s even more boring than AX FILES (or whatever they call that glorified soap opera about the lumber industry)!


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