Netflix Beaver Commercial…

 – – Most people like talking animals, which is good because I am one…a writing, blogging one, anyways.  Those of the talking animal persuasion tend accordingly to be popular as product and service spokesmen, or one might say, spokesfurs.  Recently Netflix has released two commercials, one with a talking beaver and the other with a talking hamster. 

The Netflix beaver is genial and sociable, and takes us inside a cozy lodge where a rabbit and a duck are comfortably seated on a sofa watching a big screen television.  The beaver introduces us to the Netflix service and its attractive rates, which are then confirmed by a fish which conveniently pops up from beneath the beaver’s hat.  It’s all cute and charmingly retro, with the animal cast looking like they’d be naturals for hosting an afternoon or Saturday morning show for kids.- – I’d move in with them in a minute!

Not everyone has received this commercial well, however, with some noting similarities to the stop-motion Beaver Creek Episodes created in 2008 by award-winning animator Ian Timothy, and viewable on YouTube…

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3 Comments on “Netflix Beaver Commercial…”

  1. hdofu Says:

    Beavers aren’t for everyone, Granted I’m sure Mel Gibson approves


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