Not the Usual Suspects…

 – – “Grimm…what a lovely name!,  once remarked Morticia Addams.  In this new NBC series, a Grimm is a hunter of mythological creatures which only the hunters and their kind can perceive under the guise of normality as such beings walk among us.  Echoing such past shows as The X-Files, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Angel, Grimm has been described as “one part police procedural drama and one part supernatural slug fest,”  drawing story lines and characters from the sizable corpus of Grimm’s fairy tales, many of which are dark delights.

In the season premier, we meet a reformed Big Bad Wolf, who is not big, no longer bad, does Pilates, and attends church.  There are others of his werewolf kind, but they don’t hang out much; bad things happen, ‘ya see, when they get into packs.   Some werewolves continue to exist who still do bad things like kill and abduct, but even the one perp the story concerns is a mixed bag who wears nice sweaters, lives in a beautiful mountain house, makes pies, works for the government postal service(–what else?), and keeps a young girl captive in his basement. –But hey, as Clint Eastwood’s character emoted in Tightrope, “There’s a darkness inside us all.”

This isn’t The X-Files, but I enjoyed the opener, and hope for some Grimm times ahead.   Of furry interest is the reformed werewolf, who apparently in going to be a continuing character in the series, as is the toothy female pictured…

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3 Comments on “Not the Usual Suspects…”

  1. carycomic Says:

    I don’t know. This and the very similar ONCE UPON A TIME might go the same way as those two time-travel sitcoms from about six years back: “Lack-of-Nielsen Limbo.”


    • vulpesffb Says:

      I’m also concerned about the long-term survival of this show, and have my doubts about its legs and bench strength; still, it will be fun at least as long as it’s here!


      • carycomic Says:

        I understand NBC re-ran the series premier. But, that could be viewed as a double-threat to the show’s getting renewed for a second season. Because, on the one hand, it’s been my experience that any network that does that evidently didn’t get high-enough ratings for the premier episode in its regular time slot. And, on the other hand, the Northeastern market would have been deprived of the re-run due to Snowstorm Alfred! So, Joss Whedon’s latest brain-child will probably suffer the same “Grimm” fate as THE PLAYBOY CLUB.


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