Farmers Insurance “Critters” Commercial…

– – Farmers Insurance as part of its “University of Farmers” advertising campaign reveals their finest agents receiving road-kill expertise training under the watchful eye of Professor Nathaniel Burke (actor J.K. Simmons) at a university setting in which a real deer, caribou, turtle, porcupine, and other creatures appear in the classroom setting alongside the agents-in-training.  For the filming, living animals rather than CGI or animatronic creations were actually in the room together with the cast at the same time.

The commercial playfully highlights the in-depth training that its agents receive at the actual University of Farmers in Agoura Hills, California which enables them to dispense expert advice...

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One Comment on “Farmers Insurance “Critters” Commercial…”

  1. carycomic Says:

    An effective method, to be sure. I mean, think about it! If one inadvertently runs over a porcupine, one naturally gets punctured tires. And, if one runs over a turtle, the poor thing invariably gets shell-shock!


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