Geico’s Rowing Guinea Pigs…

 – – Kia’s hamsters rock, and Geico’s guinea pigs row…at least they do in the newest Geico commercial!  Faced with skyrocketing electric bills (…yes, I  feel your pain!), we are introduced to one ingenious gentleman who has created a hydroelectric generation facility where a trio of hamsters row a tiny boat in an aquarium, producing enough juice for him to surf the net all day!  Not that it was any easy task, mind you…it took six months to train two hamsters to row, and fully eight months to get the “little chubby one” to yell “row!” 

I don’t know yet if PETA will consider this cruelty or exploitation of animals…probably not, since the guinea pigs are all computer-generated.  You can even download a free iPhone app called “Guinea Pig Getaway” in which the three intrepid guinea pigs escape their owner, and are looking for a better way of life.- -But in any case, we may be living in the golden age of rodent advertising mascots, and maybe guinea pigs will someday power your Prius!  Then there may be a rodent uprising, a great and terrible day of reckoning…(I shudder to think about it!)

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3 Comments on “Geico’s Rowing Guinea Pigs…”

  1. carycomic Says:

    That’s why we have were-foxes, though. To devour such rebellious rodents!


  2. carycomic Says:

    Well, then: have the Killer Hamstas from Kia run over them. Then, these guinea pigs will be street-pizza!


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