“Gladiator” Fights Lion; Not Worth Lion’s Time…

 – – With the World Animal Bothering Belt on the line, a self-proclaimed Egyptian “gladiator” stepped into a steel cage set in a wheat field in Mansoura, Egypt with a reportedly 660-lb. (?) lion in order to attract foreign visitors to Egypt and lift his country out of its post-revolution downturn. 

As the “gladiator” glared and bared his teeth, the lion, which had been fed an entire donkey before the event, is reported to have looked bored.   The event lasted 17 minutes, with spectators said to have been disappointed and to have regarded the feat as a publicity stunt.

One can only imagine what thoughts were running through the lion’s head about the human warrior, who carried a “shield” made of an old satellite dish (“You are so lame, pink skin!”).  The Egyptian Tourism Minister commendably blasted the spectacle as an inhumane act against animals…

For his next exhibition, perhaps the warrior will take on a narcoleptic camel, an agoraphobic scorpion, or even a rather large jellyfish in a bucket of water!–Hey, reality TV should be this good!

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3 Comments on ““Gladiator” Fights Lion; Not Worth Lion’s Time…”

  1. carycomic Says:

    As I unapologetically keep telling their addicts: “The only true reality show on TV is the evening new. SURVIVOR and its ilk are half-game show/half-soap opera. Nothing more/nothing less!”


  2. carycomic Says:

    The opinion expressed above does not necessarily reflect the viewing preferences of the furry management.


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