Asian Carp Invasion!

– – Hah!- -Just when you thought that Halloween was over, the Asian carp are knocking at your door! They may already be in waterways near Lake Michigan, and five states are embroiled in a lawsuit against the City of Chicago, barge companies, and others to close Chicago area shipping locks in order to stop the spread of the ravenous fish!  The invasive carp, you see, may decimate a $7 billion a year fishing industry.  Biologists fear that the fish, which can weigh up to 100 pounds, would gobble plankton and starve out prized species such as salmon and walleye should they get into the lakes.

Opponents counter that closing the locks would undermine critical flood control measures in the Chicago area, and cost barge and tour-boat owners as well as others billions of dollars in lost business.  A U.S. District Judge is expected to rule on the matter within several week.

(I for one do not fear the Asian carp; they only want our computers for their young, and should be able to help me with my math…)

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2 Comments on “Asian Carp Invasion!”

  1. carycomic Says:

    Who knows? They could even develop a taste for the equally invasive zebra mussell!


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