“Beast Legends” Is Upon Us!

– – You gotta give the Syfy channel credit for trying to  please us, and Beast Legends starting September 9th at 10:00 in my area just might be the ticket!  Billed as an “investigative adventure series,” Legends features a team of a globetrotting animal doctor, a Harvard professor of evolutionary biology, a gifted illustrator, and a mythology maven as they explore the truth behind some of the world’s most renowned creatures.  Your payoff will be a life-like computer-generated model of the creature investigated depicted living in the real world at the end of each show, kinda like the mortal combat simulations shown at the end of Deadliest Warrior matchings.

The show will follow season four of Destination Truth, which could make Thursday night quite a draw on Syfy for our types!- –All hail the mighty Kraken!

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3 Comments on ““Beast Legends” Is Upon Us!”

  1. carycomic Says:

    I saw both shows, last night. Definitely less-than-riveting. My definition of riveting being: I don’t even switch channels during the commercials (which I’m afraid I was all too able to do, last night).

    I hope the episodes that follow get better way faster. 😦


    • vulpesffb Says:

      Yeah, I was disappointed by “Beast Legends,” too…it wasn’t quite what I was expecting, moved rather slowly, and went over ground already covered better by others; the computer simulations at the end were the high point, but not worth hanging around for the entirety of the show. I’ll probably tune in again, but it won’t be a “must-see” by any means…


      • carycomic Says:

        Btw: the other suspects for the “true” identity of the Nandi Bear, according to Messrs. Sanderson and Heuvelmans?

        A giant ratel (or honey badger).

        An East African mandrill (an ape-like, blue-faced species of baboon).

        Brain-eating cultists (a la the “leopard men” of Victorian-era Sierra Leone).

        And, the unlikeliest suspect of all?

        A supposedly extinct herbivore called the Chalicotherium!


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