Fur-give?–Suffering Succotash!

– – A 45-year-old British woman recently became a hate figure after she was caught by a security camera putting a living cat into a trash bin and slamming the lid.  The cat, named Lola, was found distraught and hungry by her owners some 15 hours later by following her cries.

The woman, a bank worker, has apologized for the incident but just doesn’t seem to fully understand the outrage following her behavior.  She apparently trashed the poor cat on a lark, thinking that it would be “funny” to put the feline into the dumpster.  “OK, I shouldn’t have done it,” the woman is quoted as saying, “but it’s just a cat at the end of the day.”

–Just a cat?!- –Some of my best friends are cats, and perhaps we should participate in such merry sport by confining the woman responsible in a trash dumpster for 15 hours.   Police are guarding the house of the woman after a Facebook page urged that she be put to death…  😦

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2 Comments on “Fur-give?–Suffering Succotash!”

  1. carycomic Says:

    She sounds like one of those gits who takes that Biblical phrase “…dominion over the animals…” a little too literally.

    Newsflash, you daft old biddy! “DOMINION” DOES NOT EQUAL “DICTATORSHIP.”


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