Gators in the City!

– – Summer in the city!–Back of my neck feelin’ dirty and gritty!–Be grateful that you don’t feel something else in the city, too…like alligators!

You’ve heard the popular urban myth that ‘gators have been known to make their way to city sewers, and take up housekeeping there?–Well, this myth may have some legs to it, as police in New York caught an 18-inch gator on Sunday after it reportedly crawled out of a storm drain in the Queens neighborhood of Astoria, then hid under a parked car, according to the New York Post. Police grabbed the gator, taped its mouth closed, and said they would send it to a reptile sanctuary or a wildlife rehabilitator.

Sightings of alligators far afield of their traditional domains are usually felt to be associated with careless pet owners who discard their pets when they outgrow their habitat.

Residents of Chicago have spotted  at least two different alligators on the Chicago River this summer…

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2 Comments on “Gators in the City!”

  1. carycomic Says:

    Those poor gators! 😦

    No telling what they picked up from that so-called Sanitation Canal.


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