Summer Rerun Season…

– – When MonsterQuest has a re-run marathon fest, I can usually tell by the number of renewed hits that I get on my old posts on past episodes of The Quest. It’s the good episodes that get the hits…like myself, most people aren’t as interested in installments on wild dogs, rats, or bees.

So mundane and unexciting were some of these episodes, in fact, that we can bring you this picture of a MonsterQuest reject…in fact, he might have been more interesting than some of the episodes that aired!

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2 Comments on “Summer Rerun Season…”

  1. carycomic Says:

    Hmmmm! Looks a lot like various artists’ renditions of the Chalicotherium. A prehistoric herbivorous mammal that some crypto-zoologists feel is a possible candidate for the fabled “Nandi bear” of Africa!


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