Spaced-Out Spiders…

– -What happens when  poor, innocent spiders are given the active ingredient in marijuana, THC?–Well, they create a poorly-constructed minimalist web.  Since garden spiders typically build a new web every day, such impairment isn’t good.  In experiments, spiders have also been given such drugs as speed, LSD, and even caffeine.  On high doses of caffeine, for example, the regular design of the web disappears.  While on acid, the spider can’t complete his web at all…much like stoner humans who aren’t terribly productive, either…

…and nobody wants stoned spiders around their house, anyways!

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2 Comments on “Spaced-Out Spiders…”

  1. carycomic Says:

    Oh! _That_ kind of “spaced out.” I thought you were going to mention extra-terrestrial arachnoids (like the “otherspace” Charon of STAR WARS rpg’s).


  2. carycomic Says:

    P.S.—I did not invent that term! Just look up “Charon” @ Wookieepedia.


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